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Discover all the information you need to understand all the features and services of Sarbacane.


Link your external applications and automate your actions with Sarbacane connectors.

Artificial Intelligence

Make the most of features that enable you to save time and increase creativity effortlessly.

Email prospecting

Create sales email scenarios and conquer new customers with Sarbacane Engage

Live chat & Chatbot

With Sarbacane Chat, set up a chat bubble and interact in real-time with your visitors.

delivrability and domains

Deliverability and domain names

Discover how to optimize the arrival of your email campaigns in your contacts inbox.


Your account

Find out how to manage the settings, licenses, sharing and user management of your Sarbacane account.


Contact management

Manage your contact and unsubscribe lists with Sarbacane Suite

Creation Models/ Graphic Design

Discover how to manage your graphic creations as well as the creation of your models.


Email campaigns

Discover how to create an effective, high-impact email campaign with Sarbacane Campaigns

SMS marketing

SMS marketing

Send your SMS campaigns in just a few clicks with Sarbacane Campaigns


Automated campaigns

Create email and SMS campaign scenarios and trigger them automatically



Create easy-to-integrate forms. Feed your lists, send invitations or surveys

landing pages

Landing pages

Create your own responsive design web pages and improve the ROI of your marketing actions with Sarbacane Pages

Data Protection

Find everything you need to know about GDPR and the commitments made by Sarbacane regarding data protection and security.


Licenses, Payment, and Billing

Everything you need to know about licenses, payment terms, and billing for Sarbacane