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This help center is dedicated to the new version of our software: Sarbacane Suite. If you are a user of the previous version, Sarbacane Sunrise, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software. The update of your account to switch to Sarbacane Suite will be proposed to you shortly by our teams.

Sarbacane Campaigns is one of the applications that make up the Sarbacane Suite. When you create a Sarbacane account, you have access to Sarbacane Campaigns and the other modules of the Suite for 30 days.

If you later purchase a complete Suite license, you will have access to all the modules in the Suite. If you only purchase a license for Sarbacane Campaigns, the Sarbacane Contacts application (for managing your contacts) will be provided to you.

What is Sarbacane Campaigns?

Sarbacane Campaigns is the application that enables you to create, send, and analyze your email campaigns, SMS marketing, and automatic email and SMS scenarios.

Navigating the Sarbacane Campaigns Homepage

Understanding the Main Menu of Sarbacane Campaigns

The main menu located on the left side of the Sarbacane Campaigns homepage is divided into 6 sections:

  • Home
  • Templates
  • Campaigns
  • Statistics
  • Settings
  • Campaign creation button


The home, represented by the house icon in the main menu, allows you to return to the Sarbacane Campaigns home screen.


The "Templates" section provides access to the available email templates on your account.

The templates are organized into several tabs:

  • All templates: This tab gives you access to all the templates available on your account.
  • My templates: This tab provides access to templates you've created using Sarbacane's EmailBuilder, either by modifying an existing template or creating one from scratch.
  • Received templates: This tab gives you access to templates shared by another user.
  • Smart Templates: This tab provides access to our email template generator. Simply enter your website's URL, and our tool will analyze your site's design to generate over ten email templates matching your website's colors.
  • Sarbacane Templates: This tab includes templates created by our web design experts. Over a hundred responsive templates cover various recurring email marketing themes (sales, birthdays, Mother's Day, welcome emails, etc.). Customize them using Sarbacane's EmailBuilder!

You also have a search field to find a template by its name.

In the "Templates" section of Sarbacane Campaigns, you can create reusable email templates to modify and use for your future email campaigns. You can:

  • Create a new email template
  • Preview an existing template
  • Edit and save an existing template
  • Create a campaign from an existing template
  • Rename a template (except Smart Templates)
  • Duplicate a template (except Smart Templates)
  • Manage access rights for each template
  • Transfer a template to another Sarbacane account
  • Delete a template (except Smart Templates)


This section gathers all the campaigns created in Sarbacane Campaigns, including email and SMS campaigns, as well as automatic scenarios you've created.

Your campaigns can have various statuses: For email campaigns:

  • In editing
  • Sent campaign
  • Campaign sending in progress
  • Scheduled campaign
  • Rejected campaign
  • Decision pending campaign
  • Moderation in progress campaign

For automatic campaigns:

  • Editing stage
  • Incomplete message
  • Complete message
  • Publishing stage
  • Active campaign
  • Inactive campaign

For each campaign, you are informed about: For email campaigns:

  • Campaign name
  • Subject
  • Number of recipients
  • Campaign tags
  • Number of delivered emails
  • Open and click statistics

For SMS campaigns:

  • Campaign name
  • Sender name
  • Number of recipients
  • Campaign tags
  • Number of delivered SMS
  • Reception statistics

For automatic campaigns:

  • Campaign name
  • Object or trigger type for automatic campaigns
  • Number of recipients
  • Campaign tags
  • Creation, modification, and sending date information

When you select a campaign (email, SMS, or automatic), it appears fully in the right-hand pane to give you an overview of the campaign.

In the top right corner of this preview, you can:

  • Monitor statistics
  • Add new recipients
  • Duplicate the campaign
  • Rename the campaign
  • Delete the campaign

You can find more information about managing, creating, and searching for campaigns in the Campaign List section.

Note that when you start with Sarbacane Campaigns, the "Campaigns" section is empty, and you're prompted to create your first campaign by clicking the "Create a campaign" button.


This section gathers statistics for every campaign sent with Sarbacane Campaigns (email, SMS, and automatic campaigns). You can view your campaign performances either through an overall grouped view considering multiple campaigns or through a campaign-specific view to focus on a specific campaign's performance.

You can also export statistics, relaunch a new campaign, or create a contact list from both the global view and the campaign-specific view by clicking the action menu at the top right of the statistics screen.

Global View

When you click on the statistics icon in the left-hand sidebar of Sarbacane Campaigns, you are redirected by default to the global view of statistics for your campaigns. This global view provides an overview of the performances of the last 10 campaigns sent over the selected period. You can modify the period to view grouped statistics for more or fewer campaigns.

Campaign-Specific View

To view the statistics of a particular campaign, simply open the selection pane and click on its thumbnail.

Under the thumbnail, you will initially see the following information for each campaign:

  • Campaign name
  • Subject
  • Number of recipients
  • Tags associated with the campaign
  • Creation, modification, and sending date information
  • Number of emails sent (this may differ from the number of recipients, as it excludes bounce and unsubscribed emails)
  • Cumulative open and click rates

To access detailed statistics for a campaign, click on the desired campaign. The detailed statistics appear in the right-hand pane across several tabs:

  • Results
  • Behavioral tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Links
  • Technologies

Note that when you start with Sarbacane Campaigns, the "Statistics" section is empty, and you're prompted to create your first campaign by clicking the "Create a campaign" button.


Profile & Account

This section redirects you to the settings of your Sarbacane account. You leave the Campaigns application to arrive at the global settings of Sarbacane (profile, billing, sending history, notifications, etc.).

Preferences In this section, you can define:

  • Your email sending preferences:
    • Enable/disable sender field prefilling and reply address
    • Control marketing pressure
    • Enable/disable Sarbacane signature
    • Enable/disable recipient deduplication
    • Enable/disable authentication
  • Your email unsubscribe preferences: Here, you can choose your unsubscribe method:
    • Standard page: Contacts wishing to unsubscribe will be redirected to a Sarbacane confirmation page.
    • Redirection: Sarbacane Campaigns will record unsubscribes and redirect recipients to a confirmation page of your choice.
    • Enable/disable 2-click unsubscribe (available only if you've chosen "standard page" as the unsubscribe method)
  • Your SMS sending preferences:
    • Enable/disable SMS campaign management: Disabling SMS campaigns simplifies the Sarbacane Campaigns interface by hiding all SMS campaign-related features.
    • Control marketing pressure

In this section, you have the option to:

  • Enable behavioral tracking: This option allows you to gather information about actions taken by your recipients, such as opens, read time, clicks, unsubscribes, reading support, etc.
  • Enable geolocation: This option provides insight into the location of your recipients when they view your campaign. Note that geolocation is based on the recipient's IP address at the campaign's opening.
  • Enable campaign tracking in Google Analytics: By activating this option, you can add the UTM tags you want to appear in your Google Analytics reports. Note that the "UTM_Medium" tag defined by Google as the campaign's marketing channel will be automatically filled in by email or SMS.

In this section, Sarbacane Campaigns offers you the ability to customize the sending server's domain name and all links included in your campaigns with your domain name. This customization improves deliverability.

You have two options to personalize the sending domain of your campaigns:

  • You don't have a domain name and want to create one with Sarbacane.
  • You have your own domain name and want to use it for campaign sending.

From this menu, you can configure connectors available on Sarbacane Campaigns. We recommend configuring the connectors you need.


In this section, you can:

  • Enable/disable API keys and webhooks connected to Sarbacane Campaigns.
  • Access API documentation and Webhook documentation for Sarbacane Campaigns.
  • Add an API key and/or webhook.

Campaign and Template Creation Button

The last section of the left-hand sidebar allows you to create:

  • Create a new campaign (email, SMS, or automatic)
  • Create a new template
  • Generate new Smart Email Templates

We wish you a pleasant experience using Sarbacane Campaigns!

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