How to trigger a Sarbacane Engage action from a noCRM event?

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This help center is dedicated to the new version of our software: Sarbacane Suite. If you are a user of the previous version, Sarbacane Sunrise, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software. The update of your account to switch to Sarbacane Suite will be proposed to you shortly by our teams.

Creating a rule allows you to choose which lead event in noCRM triggers one or more automated actions in Sarbacane Engage.

You can also add conditions that act as filters so that if the lead does not match the filters, the automation stops.

Access the feature:

Click on 'Admin Panel', then 'Third-party Applications', and select 'Sarbacane Engage', making sure that the API connection is valid.

Next, fill in, in order and through dropdown menus:

The desired noCRM event

  • lead.any_update (any lead update)
  • lead.assigned (lead assigned)
  • lead.commented (lead commented)
  • lead.content_has_changed (lead content changed)
  • lead.creation (lead created)
  • lead.deleted (lead deleted)
  • (email received by lead)
  • (lead status changed to)
  • (lead step changed to)
  • lead.unassigned (lead unassigned)
  • lead.manual.trigger (manual lead trigger).

The desired noCRM filter

  • Tag
  • Status
  • Owner.

The desired output within Sarbacane Engage

  • Create a contact
  • Subscribe the contact to the list
  • Unsubscribe the contact from the list.

Good to know: If a lead doesn't have an email address in noCRM, it cannot be sent to Sarbacane Engage. Engage triggers actions on prospects and leads based on the rules and settings you have already defined.

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