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This help center is dedicated to the new version of our software: Sarbacane Suite. If you are a user of the previous version, Sarbacane Sunrise, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software. The update of your account to switch to Sarbacane Suite will be proposed to you shortly by our teams.

Sarbacane Contacts is one of the applications that make up Sarbacane Suite. It allows you to manage your contacts (contact lists, your blacklists, and your bounces).

When you create a Sarbacane account, you have access to Sarbacane Contacts and the other Suite modules for 30 days.

If you then purchase a complete Suite license, you will have access to all the Suite modules. If you purchase only a license for one of the Sarbacane applications, the Sarbacane Contacts application (contact management) will be offered to you.

Please note: Sarbacane Contacts allows you to manage the contacts of Campaigns, Sendkit and Forms. Contact management for Chat and Engage applications is done separately within the applications and not through the Contacts application.

What is Sarbacane Contacts?

Sarbacane Contacts is the application that will allow you to manage your contacts by creating contact lists (standard and synchronized), blacklists (unsubscribe list, repellent list, and bounces), and by giving you access to a contact directory that allows you to have a global view of all your contacts and their activity regarding your campaigns.

Navigating the Sarbacane Contacts homepage

Understanding the main menu of Sarbacane Contacts

The main menu located on the left side of the Sarbacane Contacts home page is divided into 6 sections:

  • Home
  • Contact Directory
  • Contact Lists
  • Activity report
  • Settings
  • Import Contacts and/or New list Button


The home, symbolized by the house icon in the main menu, allows you to return to the Sarbacane Contacts home screen at any time.

From this home screen, you can:

  • View the number of unique contacts in your database and the average engagement rate
  • View the number of lists available on Sarbacane Contacts
  • Search for a contact using their email address or phone number via the search field in the "Search for a contact" box. The search will then redirect you to the contact directory filtered by the contact's address or phone number
  • Create a new contact list via the dedicated button in the "Create a new list" box
  • View and consult the lists recently created or updated in the section.

Contact Directory

Sarbacane Contacts' contact directory allows you to easily view and manage all your contacts in one place. The directory displays all your contacts' email addresses, sorted alphabetically, so you can quickly find a specific contact. At a glance, you can see each contact's name, first name, email address, and any other data you have entered in your lists, as well as the various distribution lists they are associated with.

Sarbacane Contacts' multi-list contact search feature allows you to perform quick and efficient searches among your contacts, instantly displaying all the lists in which a given contact is included. Thanks to this feature, you can easily find a contact and check in which lists they are registered without having to perform tedious and time-consuming searches. Plus, if you need to add a contact to another list, simply click the corresponding button to add them instantly. This allows you to organize your contacts efficiently and save time in managing your marketing campaigns.

Contact Lists

This section allows you to view all the lists available on Sarbacane Contacts. They are divided into three tabs:

  • All lists: this tab displays all the lists
  • Standard lists: this tab displays only the lists created in Sarbacane and not linked to any external tool
  • Synchronized lists: this tab displays lists synchronized via an external tool (Prestashop, Shopify, etc.)
  • Lists of unsubscribed: this tab displays all unsubscribe lists created on your account (whether you use them as pure unsubscribe lists or repellent lists)
  • Bounces: this tab displays your list of email addresses that generated a bounce during the sending of a campaign. These addresses will be excluded from your future mailings.

For each tab, you have the option to filter the displayed lists

  • By tags
  • By list name

Activity report

The activity report is a real-time behavioral tracking tool. It presents behavioral events related to the sending of your email and SMS campaigns (openings, clicks, bounces, responses, etc.) in chronological order. You can thus view almost instantaneously the activity of all the recipients of your account for all your campaigns issued from Sarbacane Campaigns.

The events of the activity log are listed in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest.

You can refine the display of the events using the filters available at the top left and in the right menu.

If you have not yet sent a campaign during the selected period, the activity log will recommend that you select another period or change the selected filters.

List of Activity Report Events

Below are the different types of behavioral events listed in the activity log:

  • Receipt of an email or SMS campaign
  • Opening of an email or SMS campaign
  • Click on a link in an email or SMS campaign
  • Response to an SMS campaign
  • Unsubscribe following the receipt of an email or SMS campaign
  • Complaint following the receipt of an email or SMS campaign
  • Address or phone number classified as Bounce following the sending of an email or SMS campaign.
Filtering Events

By default, all events from all your contacts, for all campaigns, are presented in the activity report. You can refine the activity history display by using the menu at the top left to filter the activity log by period and/or using the right menu to filter the activity log by channel, campaigns, tags, links in your campaigns, or types of events.

Finally, you can refine the activity report by filtering on a single email address by clicking on it from the activity report or from a contact list, in which case you will be redirected to the corresponding contact sheet.


This section allows you to manage:

  • Interface preferences
  • Your APIs and Webhooks
  • Your FTP accesses

Contact Import and/or List Creation Button

This button allows you to:

  • Import contacts
  • Create a new contact list

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