Sarbacane Sunrise (former version): how to import contacts via FTP?

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This help center is dedicated to the older version of our software: Sarbacane Sunrise. If you are a user of the next version, Sarbacane Suite, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software.

With Sarbacane Sunrise, you have the possibility to import your contact lists via FTP protocol. Simply drop a contact file (.txt,.xslx,.csv) on the FTP server in order to automatically create a list in Sarbacane.

To do this, first create a new synchronized list.

You will then be able to select the "FTP" connector.

First, you need to subscribe to the FTP option: if you haven't done so yet, please contact a Sarbacane advisor at +1 64 686 725 37

Once this option is activated by our teams, you will be able to view your FTP access from the "Select a connector " screen.

Click on "View FTP Access" to see your login details: host, username, and password.

Start by entering your password to access the FTP server.

Once you have entered your password, your login credentials for the FTP server are displayed.

These credentials will be required to access your storage through your FTP client.

Nb: There are multiple FTP clients, we have selected one of the most used (FileZilla) for our example below, but the login credentials requested will be the same from one FTP client to another. 

Access your storage from your FTP client, then click on "File>and choose "Site Manager..."

Then click on "New site".

Now fill in the login details provided by Sarbacane: you can find these in the" "FTP" "section of your Sarbacane account settings.

Nb: the details indicated in this article are just an example. Don't copy them.

Once logged in using your credentials, any file (.xslx, .csv, .txt) deposited on this space will lead to the creation of a list of contacts in Sarbacane within 3 minutes after the file has been uploaded.

You can manually move your files to the FTP server, or (if you have access to technical expertise resources) set up an automatic processing system to upload your files, according to your own rules (file name, submission frequency of submission, etc ...) on the FTP client.
When you overwrite an existing file on the FTP server, your Sarbacane Sunrise list will be replaced by the new list included in your file.
Conversely, if you drop a file with a different name from an existing file, you will create a new contact list on Sarbacane.

In the case above, a list "Newsletter_Subscription" will be created in Sarbacane.

The burger menu at the end of the line allows you to access a number of actions in your list:

  • View: Allows you to view your list as read-only. It will not be possible to edit your list from this screen because it was not created manually on Sarbacane, and it depends on a local file that you have deposited on your FTP server.
  • Create a campaign: allows you to start creating an email, sms, or automatic campaign. The contacts in your list will be uploaded as recipients of your campaign. It's important to note that if contacts are added to your synchronized list via FTP in the meantime, they won't be included in the recipient list of your campaign a retroactively.
  • Properties: allows you to access the properties of your list: you cannot modify the name of the list as it is linked to the name of the file on your FTP server. You can, however, determine your sharing settings from this screen (that is, determine which other users you want to share this list with). You can also find your FTP access here as well as program a refresh rate.
  • FTP access: this action allows you to access the login credentials of the FTP server provided by Sarbacane. Programming: this action allows you to program a frequency at which you want our services to "recover" the file you have deposited on your FTP server to update the corresponding contact list on your Sarbacane interface.

You can set an automatic refresh rate hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. You are free to configure your programming as you see fit.

By default, no automatic refresh is set. This means that the refresh of your list must be done manually. You can, at any time, decide to update your list by clicking on the button "Refresh list" located on the top-right corner of your contact list.

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