Sarbacane Contacts: how to manage your bounce list?

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This help center is dedicated to the new version of our software: Sarbacane Suite. If you are a user of the previous version, Sarbacane Sunrise, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software. The update of your account to switch to Sarbacane Suite will be proposed to you shortly by our teams.

The NLLIA list ("No Longer Lives at the Indicated Address"), groups email addresses that are no longer valid or are incorrect. At Sarbacane, we refer to it as NLLIA, but you may also hear the term "Bounces". It refers to the same thing.

It's important to note that Sarbacane Contacts recognizes these addresses as invalid only after the first send with Sarbacane. To include NLLIA addresses from your first send with Sarbacane, you must import the NLLIA/Bounces file from the email solution you were using previously.

Also, note that the NLLIA list is unique to each account and is enriched with each send made via Sarbacane Campaigns.

How to access the NLLIA list in Sarbacane Contacts?

Effectively managing the NLLIA list is essential to maintain the quality of your contact list.

To access the NLLIA list:

  • Start by logging into your Sarbacane account.
  • Once logged in, go to the Sarbacane Contacts application.
  • In the sidebar located on the left side of the interface, click on the "Contact Lists" section.

Click on the “NLLIA List” tab to access the list.

Managing the NLLIA List

  • Once in the NLLIA list tab, you can perform various actions to manage these incorrect addresses, which were identified after the first send with Sarbacane:
  • Viewing Information: For each email address identified as NLLIA, you can view detailed information, including the cause of the NLLIA status, the concerned email address, the associated phone number, the name of the original campaign, the source of the address addition (file, manual entry, etc.), the insertion date, and the modification date.
  • Adding new NLLIA addresses: you have the option to add new NLLIA email addresses using the "Add an NLLIA" button. You can choose among different methods such as importing from a file, manual entry, or copy/paste.
  • Exporting NLLIA addresses: If necessary, you can export all or a selection of NLLIA addresses in TXT or Excel format.
  • Statistics: You can access statistics regarding your NLLIA addresses by clicking on "Statistics". This will give you a distribution of NLLIA addresses by domain name.

Emptying the NLLIA List: If desired, you have the option to delete all addresses appearing in the NLLIA list. However, this operation is not recommended, as if your campaigns contain too many NLLIA addresses in the contact list during sending, they risk being considered as spam.

  • Managing the NLLIA list in Sarbacane Contacts gives you total control over addresses that are no longer valid, allowing you to maintain the quality of your contact list. This will contribute to improving the effectiveness of your future campaigns by avoiding sending to incorrect addresses.

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