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This help center is dedicated to the older version of our software: Sarbacane Sunrise. If you are a user of the next version, Sarbacane Suite, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software.

The options in the "Statistics" menu of your account settings allow you to enable or disable behavioral tracking and Google Analytics tracking for your campaigns.

Behavioral monitoring

The tracking behavior allows you to collect information about the actions taken by the recipients of a campaign

Sarbacane Sunrise's tracking goes beyond traditional results (openings, clicks) and provides you with insightful data such as geographical location, type of email (email client or webmail), the reading device (desktop or mobile), or the reading time.

In a nutshell, behavioral monitoring is useful to:

  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns
  • Increase the performance of links, images, email subject lines
  • Organize targeted reminders

Better understand the profile of your recipients by analyzing their behaviour.

Detailed reports on the behavioral statistics of each recipient, can be exported.
To obtain all this information, make sure that the "Behavioral monitoring" option is enabled.

Note that there are two ways to manage this option:

  • In your account settings, in the "Statistics" menu: When you enable the option at this level, behavioral monitoring will be enabled by default on all your campaigns.
  • In your campaign settings, during the "Edit" step of the creation process: By default, the settings saved in your account are applied to your campaign, but you can create an exception to the rule by enabling or disabling behavioral monitoring only for a particular campaign.

Google Analytics

This option gives you visibility on traffic generated through your campaigns in Google Analytics.

UTMs are used to connect the campaign with the traffic generated on your website.

"UTM Source" indicates the site of origin of the traffic. You can set it up according to your preferences.

"UTM Campaign" indicates the campaign that generated the traffic. By default this field contains the title of your campaign. However, you can modify it according to your needs.

"UTM_Medium" (defined by Google Analytics as the marketing channel of the campaign) is automatically filled by email or SMS. This field is not configurable, Sarbacane populates this field for you.

Like behavioral monitoring, it is possible to set up Google Analytics tracking at account level, and to manage exceptions at campaign level.

In your account settings ( "Statistics" menu), you can define UTMs that will be used by default for all your campaigns. However, you can also customize your Google Analytics UTMs independently for each campaign by changing these default settings via the "Statistics" button on the "Edit" step of your campaign.

Once your UTMs are customized as you want, the links included in your campaign will be customized so that Google Analytics can clearly identify the source of your traffic and consistently categorize it.

For example, imagine you insert a link to your website in your email campaign:

If you have activated the Google Analytics tracking, and applied the following customization to the UTMs:

  • UTM Source = Sarbacane
  • UTM Medium = Email (automatically filled in)- UTM Campaign = Sales

Your link will be automatically personalized by Sarbacane as follows:

For each click generated by your recipients on this link, Google Analytics will be able to identify that the traffic comes from Sarbacane, from an Email campaign, and more specifically from the campaign called "Sales".

Thus, in your Google Analytics interface, you can track how many users from specific sources have visited pages on your site. To view this data, on your Google Analytics dashboard, click on "Acquisition". You will find an overview of traffic from different sources.

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