Sarbacane Sunrise (old version) : how do I manage my email campaign settings?

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This help center is dedicated to the older version of our software: Sarbacane Sunrise. If you are a user of the next version, Sarbacane Suite, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software.

In this menu, you have access to the settings and options of your email campaigns.


Here you can set the default header of your email, manage the client signature of your email and determine the different options for tracking the marketing performance.

The email header

In the settings, you can enter a default email campaign header, it will be pre-populated when creating a new campaign. You can define:

  • the sender field: the alias that will appear and the email address used
  • the response address: the alias that will appear and the email address used

You have the option to use the last addresses and aliases used by ticking the option just below the fields.

The Sarbacane client signature

A Sarbacane signature will be inserted during your shipments with a free user account, i.e. the first 30 days of use. In this case, it can not be disabled by the user in the account settings.

This signature will be disabled when the user switches to a paid account.

It can be manually activated by the Sarbacane Software team as part of a partnership.


In the tracking settings, you have the option to enable or disable certain features:

  • Remove duplicate recipients

Removing duplicate recipients allows you to delete email addresses that appear multiple times in your database, or when you combine multiple databases for a single campaign.

If the removal is not enabled and the same email address appears 3 times, the campaign will be sent 3 times to that address. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to leave the removal feature enabled

  • Enable authentication

This option is strongly recommended. In the face of spam and phishing, email providers have implemented a number of authentication standards. These standards allow the recipient server to indicate that the sender server is the one authorized to send the mail in question. It is an electronic signature which guarantees you will not be viewed as a suspicious sender.

Marketing pressure

Marketing pressure limits the number of emails sent on the same email address.

By enabling this option, you set the maximum number of campaigns sent over a defined period of time (in days, weeks, months, or years). If the condition is met (for example: a contact has received 3 campaigns this week), the email address will be excluded automatically when sending campaigns over the rest of the period.

This option can be enabled or disabled.


You can manage the default unsubscribe method:

  • Standard unsubscribe page

If you choose this method, you only need to select one of the preexisting templates from Sarbacane.

Select the template and the color, and enter the administrator's email address - by default the email address of the Sarbacane user account will be used. This address will appear on the unsubscribe page, and it will be the contact address for people who want more information.

You can also choose to log out in 2 clicks. This will ensure that only the person who wants to unsubscribe confirms it by clicking on the link on the unsubscribe page. Recipients mistakenly clicking on the unsubscribe link and not confirming their unsubscription, will not be considered unsubscribed. This can be enabled or disabled.

  • Redirect to a page on your site

You can redirect recipients to an unsubscribe page on your website.

In this case, Sarbacane will track unsubscriptions and redirect them to the confirmation page of your choice. This unsubscription will add the recipient to the unsubscribe list.

Tip: You have the option to customize the URL with the field ((Email)) to display the recipient address on the confirmation page or to perform a treatment on your database hosted in your home.

Correcting email addresses

 Sarbacane Sunrise allows you to analyze the email addresses of your contact lists, to identify duplicate and incorrect addresses. Whenever possible, Sarbacane will automatically offer a correction.

These corrections are stored and collected in this tab. You can change or delete them if you wish.

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