Will I find all my resources in Sarbacane Suite?

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This help center is dedicated to the new version of our software: Sarbacane Suite. If you are a user of the previous version, Sarbacane Sunrise, you can find here the help center related to this version of the software. The update of your account to switch to Sarbacane Suite will be proposed to you shortly by our teams.

You will find all your resources and data in Sarbacane Suite. You'll find :

  • Your email and SMS campaigns and your automatic scenarios (as well as sending parameters and associated statistics) in Sarbacane Campaigns.
  • Your contact lists in Sarbacane Contacts
  • Your forms in Sarbacane Forms
  • Your landing pages in Sarbacane Pages
  • Your templates will be distributed across several applications:
  • Your e-mail templates in Sarbacane Campaigns
  • Your web page templates in Sarbacane Pages
  • Your form templates in Sarbacane Forms
  • All the parameters linked to your account (user group, role and rights management, payment methods, consumption history) or to your profile can be accessed by clicking on your avatar in the top right-hand corner of the Suite home screen, or from any of the Suite applications. You will then be redirected to your account settings.

However, depending on the volume of resources and data in your account, updating Sarbacane may take some time. Data transfer is asynchronous, and resources are transferred to the new version of Sarbacane in order of priority: contact lists first, then settings, campaigns, etc. The most recent items are transferred to the new version of Sarbacane. The most recent elements are transferred first.

It's important to note that even if the transfer of your resources isn't completely finished, you'll still be able to work on Sarbacane Suite fairly quickly.

It is therefore possible that you will not see all your resources in Sarbacane Suite until the update is complete. You will be notified when all resources and data have been updated in your Sarbacane Suite account.

Once the update is complete, you and any other users or administrators invited to your account will benefit from a product tour, enabling you to discover the new Sarbacane interface and all the features available.

Do you need help using Sarbacane?Do you need help using Sarbacane?

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